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Stencils for craft

Stencils for craft

At Yart Factory we have stencil patterns for any situation or occasion. It’s easy to incorporate common patterns or themes throughout your home by choosing similarly designed stencils. In the same way, your business can count on our support and execution for high quality, diverse, unique stencils. With your favorite paint and stencils, you can decorate anything from tiles to furniture to wall. Our diversity and qualitative materials are the key to our clients’ happiness and satisfaction.

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Animal Stencils

We have a range of animal stencils that can be used for many home-decor projects such as Wall, fabric and furniture stenciling. Yart Factory creativity never stops. We are constantly on the lookout for new trendy stencil patterns, and there is always something exciting on the drawing board: new wall stencils, tile stencils, mandala stencils, washable cake alphabet stencils, among others.

Stencil tools for crafting

Art Stencils

Yart Factory produces designs created by customers for their own purposes. If you have an art concept you wish to produce and make available to the market under your own brand, Yart Factory will help you make this come true. Our designers will collaborate with you in order to transform your design into a tangible product. We can provide a complete artwork design service or work from your own designs, or we can help in the creative process. Your art stencils will be made of qualitative material and will bring your creativity to life.

Example project stencil craft

Makeup stencils

If you want to do unique and meticulous eye makeup in seconds or if your company is part of this sector, then you should know that Yart Factory is also a makeup stencils supplier. At Yart Factory we also produce world map stencils and face stencils. Makeup stencils can be reused after cleaning. They are made of soft material that can make the skin more comfortable when applying makeup. You can discover a new way of applying makeup using our makeup stencils designed by professionals.

DIY stencil making project

Stencil sets

Applied on wood, paper, acrylic, glass, or ceramics, on the wall, floor, or textile, the stencil sets allow combining colors and patterns, personalizing every-day objects. Our clients discover that our stencils sets can be so much more than an ornament on the wall, when we play with patterns. We can do it and redo it, where and as many times as we want with the washable and reusable stencils sets in a sustainable way. The Yart Factory provides a complete custom stencil service for a huge range of applications so you can count on us for creating your favorite stencil ideas. The design can be in any form - letters, words, and patterns being the most popular. If you are looking for a trustworthy stencils manufacturer we would love to offer our services to you.

DIY stencil pattern with brush

How we work

Our ambition is to work with you in order to bring a product idea to life according to your wishes and requirements. If you have a product idea in mind and are planning to realise this, Yart Factory is here for you. Together we will work out your idea by creating a production drawing and producing a prototype. When we have reached the ideal combination, we will start producing in small runs or in big batches. The Yart Factory experts will help guide you through all the stages of the process as well as demonstrate the possibilities. We use innovative and intelligent techniques to help you decide what your product will look like and which operations are needed to achieve that design. Yart factory can edit, produce, assemble and package your product, according to what you need and in line with your wishes.

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