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Yart Factory, a production company specializing in laser cutting, laser marking, laser micro perforation, CNC milling, and packaging. In addition to custom and private label productions for partners, we manufacture for various brands such as By WOOM, Pronty Crafts, Dutch Doobadoo, and Point to Paper.

The name Yart Factory is a combination of Your Art Factory. The origin of the company is ART; creating beautiful products.

Yart Factory produces a versatile portfolio for businesses with their own products in the creative industry (hobby market), the printing industry, the lifestyle market (home decor), and various industrial markets. Yart Factory offers customization: the company applies a wide range of techniques to a variety of (sheet) materials and is an expert in laser cutting. Whether you want laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking or CNC milling in sheet materials, Yart Factory can do it for you. A loyal partner for many European companies for 60 years.

How we collaborate with you as a partner.

Our ambition is to collaborate with you to bring a product idea to life according to your requirements and desires. If you have a final product in mind, you approach Yart Factory for realization. Together with you, we develop the idea into a production drawing and create a prototype. In the prototype, we explore the right combination of techniques and materials.Techniques and services Once we’ve found the ideal combination, we can produce in small quantities or large series.

Throughout every phase of the process, Yart Factory’s experts brainstorm with you and showcase the possibilities. We employ innovative and intelligent cutting techniques that empower you as a customer to determine the look of your product and the necessary modifications. Yart Factory can manufacture, process, assemble, and package your product design, all tailored to your needs and in line with your preferences.

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