Smart Creative Productions

Yart Factory

Welcome to Yart Factory

The new name in which Pronty and other creative labels are brought together

The name Yart Factory is a merging from Your Art and Factory. The focus of the company is Art. The company is a factory which uses modern laser-, milling- and CNC-wood milling techniques to transform creative ideas of costumers to tangible unique products. Yart Factory produces a versatile portfolio tailored for the creative industry (hobby market), printing industry, lifestyle (homedeco) and fashion market. Yart Factory offers customization: the company uses a wide variety of techniques to process many different materials. Whether you want to laser cut paper or plastic or mill MDF or other kind of woods, Yart Factory manufactures it for you.

For everyone

Yart Factory produces a diversity of products for everyone with an affinity for styling, decoration and home-made ideas. The products are creative, imaginable and inspire users to create their own artwork.

Yart Factory produces creative products using innovative and intelligent techniques which users can use in creative processes: Smart Creative Productions.

How do we work

It’s our ambition to work with you and bring a product idea to life, completely according to your wishes and requirements. If you have an product idea in your mind, and you are planned to realise this, then Yart Factory is the company to contact. Together we will work out your idea by creating a production drawing and start realising a prototype. When reaching the best combination, we will start producing in small runs or big batches. The experts of Yart Factory will always help you thinking during all stages of the process and will demonstrate the possibilities. We will use innovative and intelligent techniques to help you decide how your product will look like and what operations are needed. Yart Factory can produce, edit, assemble and pack your product design and all of that fitting your questions and in line with your wishes.

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