Laser cutting and laser engraving wood and wooden products

 Yart Factory wood laser marking and engraving

A laser engraving or laser marking on wood, plywood, plywood, veneer or MDF? Hoe kan ik op hout lasermarkeren

Yart specializes in laser cutting and laser engraving of materials with a preference for making beautiful engravings and markings on wooden materials on products made from wood. From burning or branding with the laser machine to making a fine engraving

Applications on wooden products

There are many wooden products that we laser engrave or mark, popular are cutting or bread boards, crates and boxes, toys, wall plates and all other wooden products. It is also possible to personalize, each product has its own name..

If you have these products, you can have them laser engraved or marked with Yart with our highly advanced CO2 laser machine park.
You can deliver your own product to us, we do not deliver it. We can make our engravings and markings with little or a lot of power. With a lot of power it can look like burning!

Would you rather have your wood milled or laser cut? That is also possible at Yart Factory.

Yart benefits

  • Operations possible up to 155 * 210 cm
  • Number of starts at 1 piece
  • Many types of wood can be used for our techniques.
  • Possibility of test to investigate the suitability of the wood for laser engraving.
  • The laser engraving or marking can be seen permanently!

Een detail van laser brandmerken op een snijplank

Focus on knowledge and experience

Yart has experience in the field of CNC milling, laser cutting and laser engraving of wood since 2000. Our experience with wood and MDF goes back to the craftsmanship of small wooden and MDF objects for the hobby industry and started in 1995. Our family business goes back to 1995 1954 and in November 2019 we celebrate our 65th anniversary!

Other Yart techniques and services

Laser graveren op houten speelgoed

In addition to wood and wooden products, we are specialized in laser stamping and paper cutting,
plastics, cardboard, MDF, plywood, leather and leather and many other materials.
We are also happy to make your ready-made product. Challenge us.

Why work with Yart Factory

  • WOOD laser cutting, laser marking, cnc milling or laser engraving in Waalwijk, heart of the Langstraat
  • One production house for quantities from 1 to 1,000,000 pieces
  • Attractive prices
  • Clear, direct and substantive communication
  • Permanent contact person
  • Great eye for creativity
  • Fast delivery times
  • Customization
  • Your product idea is safe with us

Became curious?

Do you want to know more about Yart possibilities for laser marking and laser engraving of wood?