Laser cutting and engraving leather

Yart Factory laser marking

Do you want to have leather engraved?

Yart specialises in laser cutting and engraving leather. We have a passion for engraving beautiful designs onto the material.

Applying our technique to leather products

We engrave many types of leather products such as BBQ aprons, belts, labels, bags, purses shoe components, wallets, and all other small leather items.

Yart Factory can engrave these items for you, with help of our highly advanced CO2 laser machinery. You can deliver your leather to us pre-cut or as sheets. We can die-cut, laser-cut, and/or laser engrave your leather.

We can engrave at low or high power which allows for different looks of the engraving. When you use a lot of power the engraving looks like it was burnt onto the leather!

Would you rather have your leather die-cut or cut with conventional machines? Yart Factory can do that for you too!

Yart advantages

  • Processing possibilities of dimensions up to 155*210
  • No cutting dies are needed
  • Initial minimum amount starts at 1 piece
  • Many different types of leather can be processed with our techniques.
  • Free test to verify the suitability of the leather for an engraving
  • Our production line for laser cutting makes it possible to get rid of possible smells originating from the laser cutting.

A focus on knowledge and experience

Yart been building on our experience with laser cutting and engraving of leather since 2004. Our experience with leather dates back to the founding of our company in 1956. The family business as well as our grandparents who were leather dealers and shoemakers in Waalwijk, the Netherlands have always worked in de Langstraat, which is the Dutch shoe and leather business hotspot. Yart itself had a large share in the Dutch luxurious belts trade in the 70s and 80s via an Italian manufacturer (Pelletterie 2f).

Other Yart Techniques and Services

Next to working with leather, we specialise in laser cutting and cutting paper, plastics, cardboard, MDF, triplex, and more.

We produce your finished product for you. Challenge us!

Why work with Yart Factory

  • Laser cutting and engraving leather in Waalwijk, Hart van de Langstraat
  • One production company for quantities of up to 1,000,000 pieces
  • Attractive prices
  • Clear, direct, and substantial communication
  • Singular regular contact person
  • A good eye for creativity
  • Quick delivery times
  • Custom work
  • Your ideas are safe with us


To find out more about possibilities in laser cutting and engraving in leather feel free to contact us!