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Mylar stencil sheets

Mylar stencil sheets

Factory makes it easy to create your own stencils for your business using our premium Mylar stencil sheets. We offer popular sizes of our stencil material in sheet form, and larger sizes in roll form. We use different thicknesses of Whitaxx, which is our own variation of Mylar. This is a tough and safe material of consumer grade quality. It is incredibly durable, whilst at the same time it is flexible enough to bend over curved surfaces. Whitaxx is resistant against most solvents. Furthermore, it is food quality, meaning it is safe to use for decorating foods such as cookies, or drinks such as cappuccinos. We provide a wide range of Mylar stencils such as Mylar animal stencils, Mylar cake alphabet stencil, Mylar graffiti stencils, Mylar layering stencils and Mylar letter sets. You can count on Yart Factory as a Mylar stencil rolls manufacturer as well as Mylar stencil sheets supplier.

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Whitaxx: the alternative for Mylar

Whitaxx polyester PET film is an exclusive material developed at and for Yart Factory and is particularly suitable for various applications, the most important of which is to produce stencils and templates by means of laser cutting and die-cutting.

Mylar stencil sheet

Benefits of Mylar stencil sheets

The advantages of getting your stencils done with Mylar are numerous. First of all, it is flexible. The Mylar used in the Mylar stencil supplier can wrap around cylinders and uneven or irregular surfaces, and can be rolled for shipping and storage. It is also easy to clean. Our Mylar is solvent proof, so cleaning up paint or ink is quick and simple. It is reusable. Our stencils are built to withstand normal painting wear and tear, and keeping your stencil template clean is the best way to ensure a longer life. It is also dimensionally stable, chemically resistant, color resistant and it does not tear. And last but not least, it is durable. Mylar sheets are reputably the strongest type of stencil material, and maintains durability without compromising the pliable structure.

Stencil design made just for you

The best way to achieve a perfectly painted stencil with a very nice paint edge is to use a stencil material that is as thin as possible for your project. You are the one who chooses the thickness of your Whitaxx product. We have standard thickness options (125 micron, 190 micron, 250 micron and 300 micron), but other thicknesses can also be request on offer. Also, our Mylar stencil rolls come in any sheet size imaginable.

Mylar stencil sheets

Our stencils material is approve

Whitaxx is also food safe, so it can also be used to decorate cappuccinos into cookies, for example with stencils and stencils. According to Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 (and amendments) relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and has been tested in accordance with EN 1186-1 and  EN 1186-2. If you decide on your Mylar stencil set, partner with mylar stencil sheets manufacturer Yart Factory for satisfying and professional results.

How we work

Our ambition is to work with you in order to bring a product idea to life according to your wishes and requirements. If you have a product idea in mind and are planning to realise this, Yart Factory is here for you. Together we will work out your idea by creating a production drawing and producing a prototype. When we have reached the ideal combination, we will start producing in small runs or in big batches. The Yart Factory experts will help guide you through all the stages of the process as well as demonstrate the possibilities. We use innovative and intelligent techniques to help you decide what your product will look like and which operations are needed to achieve that design. Yart factory can edit, produce, assemble and package your product, according to what you need and in line with your wishes.

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