Ear savers for mouth masks (Économiseurs d’oreille pour Porte-masques, Ohrenschoner fuer Mundschutz Maske)

Yart Factory Earsavers

Ear savers: Avoid ear pain when wearing mouth masks

Yart Factory Earsavers

Ear savers: Avoid ear pain when wearing mouth masks

Yart Factory Earsavers

Ear savers: Available in different shapes and sizes

Mouth masks are not designed to be worn all day.
Ear savers, or ear protectors, remove pressure and friction from the ears, making all masks more comfortable and reducing the risk of damage to the ears and face.
The Ear Saver makes the size of the mask more flexible, which means more people can be protected. In case of critical PPE shortages, the right size mask is not always available.
The EarSaver has flexible hooks to attach to the rubber bands, one size fits all.
Help prevent the spread of viruses, including the Corona virus, while wearing mouth masks.

Are you looking for a producer? With our laser and punching machines we make all kinds of high quality products from different materials.

Yart Factory uses different thicknesses of Whitaxx, our own Mylar variant, for Ear Savers. This is a tough and safe polyester material of professional quality. It is durable (tear resistant) yet flexible enough to bend over round surfaces. Whitaxx is resistant to most solvents, washable and waterproof.  Thicknesses from 125, 190 and 250 even optional 300 micron.

Why our Ear savers?

  • Ideal for use with all types of masks attached through the ears
  • Prevents earpain
  • Choice of standard models
  • We can produce and deliver custom-made or exclusive quality Ear savers with your own designs
  • Personalized text on the Ear savers
  • Ear savers are available from 1 piece up to 1.000.000 pieces at very short notice

Isn’t your design in there? We like to make it with you and for you. Challenge us!

Focus on knowledge and experience

Our experience with production goes back 65 years. Yart Factory supplies products for various (private label) brands and target groups worldwide.

Why work with Yart Factory

  • Ear savers produced by a family company in Waalwijk
  • Made with love and passion in The Netherlands by the Yart Factory team
  • A production company for quantities of 1 up to 1.000.000 pieces
  • Attractive offers
  • Clear, direct substantial communication
  • One contact person
  • A good eye for creativity
  • Quick delivery times
  • Customization
  • Your ideas are safe with us


To find out more about possibilities in Ear savers feel free to contact us! Note: No sales to consumers.