Yart Factory stencil mask 1

Stencils allow you to apply a unique and creative shapes and patterns on windows, furniture, walls, accessories, cards, paper, skin, and more.

If you are looking for a manufacturer we would love to offer our services to you. With our laser  cutting machines, we can produce different types of high quality stencils out of various materials.

We use different thicknesses of Whitaxx, which is our own variation of Mylar. This is a tough and safe material of consumer grade quality. It is incredibly durable, whilst at the same time it is flexible enough to bend over curved surfaces. Whitaxx is resistant against most solvents. Furthermore, it is food quality, meaning it is safe to use for decorating foods such as cookies, or drinks such as cappuccinos.

In this area we have designed our own collection, however we also offer customization, and the ability to have your own stencils produced according to your own designs. We even offer the option of having your stencils packaged in your own label.

These high quality stencils are available from 1 to 1,000,000 pieces. And in every size.  maximum per stencil 200*150 cm

We have over 18 years of experience when it comes to stencils. Yart Factory delivers stencils to many (private label) brands and audiences all over the world

Types of Yart  Factory quality stencils

A3, A4, A5, A6 Stencils
Airbrush stencils
Alphabet / numbers stencils
Animal stencils
Art journaling stencils
Bespoke stencils
Big stencils
Bullet journaling stencils
Craft stencils
Coloured stencils
Custom stencils
Decorative stencils
DIY Stencil
Embossing stencils
Face and Make-up stencils
Flower stencils
Food approved stencils
Funky stencils
Graffiti stencils
Ground marking stencil
Hobby stencils
Home decor
Industrial stencils
Laser cut stencils
Laser punching stencils
Laser cutting service stencils
Layering stencils
Letter set stencils

Mandala stencils
Mask stencils
Mini stencil
Mix media stencils
Modern stencil
Mylar stencils
Nature stencils
Painting stencils
Parking lot stencils

Patchwork stencils
Plastic stencils
PVC stencils
Holiday Stencils
Star stencils
Stencils for craft

Sticky stencils
Street stencils

Super deco stencils
Tattoo stencils
Tribal stencils
Vintage stencils
Floor stencil
Wall stencils
Whytaxx stencil
Window designs
World Map stencils

If you cannot find your stencil, we would love to make it for and with you!

Why work with Yart Factory

  • High quality stencils by a family  company in Waalwijk, Heart of the Langstraat
  • Made with love and passion in the Netherlands by the Yart team
  • One production company for quantities of up to 1,000,000 pieces
  • Attractive offers
  • Clear, direct, and substantial communication
  • One contact person
  • A good eye for creativity
  • Quick delivery times
  • Custom work
  • Your ideas are safe with us


To find out more about possibilities in high quality stencils feel free to contact us!