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Stencil material

Stencil materials for any project

Stencils allow you to apply a unique and creative shapes and patterns on windows, furniture, walls, accessories, cards, paper, skin, and more. If you are looking for a manufacturer we would love to offer our services to you. With our laser  cutting machines, we can produce different types of high quality stencils out of various materials. We use different materials to produce unique stencils for small and large scale businesses.

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Diversity with paper stencils

Yart Factory can manufacture unique stencils for painting out of paper and cardboard with help of our advanced laser techniques (Galvo laser cutting and Flatbed laser cutting). These techniques can be used to create an countless different innovative products, including, but not limited to greeting cards, flyers, decoration, invitations, and business cards, you name it! Paper is a great material for craft stencils. Craft stencils provide you with the perfect template for all kinds of designs, from unique lettering to artistic illustrations.

Cardboard and Corrugated cardboard

We process cardboard for the printing industry in many ways. Techniques such as Galvo laser cutting, flatbed laser cutting, laser engraving, laser etching, laser marking, digital creasing, and die-cutting are all options which will take your stencil drawing to another level.


Yart Factory can process (artificial) leather by using techniques such as laser-cutting and engraving in order to create details for belts, bracelets, leather aprons, shoes, bags and leather tiles.


CNC, MDF, and wood milling is one of Yart Factory’s specialties. This precise technique can be used to transform mass production stencil materials and small numbers stencil material into D.I.Y., home decoration, lifestyle products, and more.


Yart Factory is also a specialist when it comes to milling and laser cutting MDF plates with a thickness of up to 25mm. Products such as clipboards, wall decorations, name boards, storage boxes, small items of furniture, and interior design products, can be manufactured in different thicknesses and shapes to realise your wishes.

Plastics and polyester

Rotary die cutting, Flatbed laser cutting, Galvo laser cutting, and CNC milling are techniques which allow Yart Factory to create patterns and templates in a diverse variety of shapes and sizes, according to your design. The templates or patterns can be delivered as printed or plain, and are very durable. Our Whitaxx polyester is excellent for stencils and templates.

Furthermore, we also provide stencil brush sets. These type of brushes are actually specially designed for stenciling. Stencil brush looks like a regular round brush, but unlike other brushes, it has a flat top which makes it perfect for dabbing and swirling the paint over the stencil without getting the paint to seep underneath. At Yart factory you can choose the material that bests suits your needs or the best stencil material on short delivery times.

Mylar stencil sheets

How we work

Our ambition is to work with you in order to bring a product idea to life according to your wishes and requirements. If you have a product idea in mind and are planning to realise this, Yart Factory is here for you. Together we will work out your idea by creating a production drawing and producing a prototype. When we have reached the ideal combination, we will start producing in small runs or in big batches. The Yart Factory experts will help guide you through all the stages of the process as well as demonstrate the possibilities. We use innovative and intelligent techniques to help you decide what your product will look like and which operations are needed to achieve that design. Yart factory can edit, produce, assemble and package your product, according to what you need and in line with your wishes.

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