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Laser cut stencils

Laser Cut Stencils

As a laser-cut stencil supplier, Yartfactory has been designing and cutting unique laser-cut decorative stencils for craft since 1954. Stencils have been popular since the ’90 when paint effects for walls, furniture and floors was all the rage. Stenciling remains popular today as a practical, simple, efficient and creative tool for decorating and many people choose to let their imagination go wild with daring models while other prefer a more subtle, but effective application.

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Galvo laser cutting

Galvo laser cutting (or Die Laser cutting)  is one of the most commonly used techniques for editing thin plate and sheet material. Laser cutting  technology allows for creating complex shapes and big batches at high speed. The first laser cutting machines were used in our fabric already in 2001. And since 2006 we can work with different stencil materials like plywood, acrylic, cardboard, polyester, MDF, foam and many others thanks to the new laser cutting method.

Yart Factory stencils

Innovative technique for bespoke laser-cut stencils

Laser cutting technique is fast, precise and it is the perfect way to cut shapes out of paper, cardboard, veneer and plastics of up to 0.8-1 mm thick. Thanks to their optics, our Galvo laser cutting machines are a lot faster than our flatbed laser cutting machines. Due to this large series of up to over 100,000 pieces are competitively priced. Especially when regarding paper, cardboard, veneer, and synthetics with a thickness of 0.8 to 1 mm, laser cutting  is a very time efficient.

Die Laser cutting

Yart Factory can personalise products by using Die Laser cutting. As an example, we can apply serial numbers, names, and addresses to your product. Our laser cutting allows us to  personalise packages for you to surprise your own customers, and we can make your personal mail extra special.

Cutting-edge stencil techniques

Yart Factory uses techniques such as laser engraving, laser etching, and laser marking in order to mark products according to our customers’ needs. Whether it regards barcodes, ascending serial numbers or company logos, our high-quality laser systems will mark various materials (paper, leather, polyester and wood) with high precision and according to your wishes.

Stencil sets step-by-step

Laser cutting may seem a intimidating or complicated process; however here at Yartfactory we own professional, cutting-edge technology and follow these simple steps to ensure that your material can be cut, engraved or rastered to your shapes, repeat design, logo or text. First you send us an image of what you would like your stencil set to contain. Then we create digital vector for your approval. The last step involves the laser cutting machines which use the vector to cut or engrave your material. And that is it! We will edit, produce, assemble and package your product, according to what you and your client’s needs and in line with your wishes so you can have time and focus on your business.

How we work

Our ambition is to work with you in order to bring a product idea to life according to your wishes and requirements. If you have a product idea in mind and are planning to realise this, Yart Factory is here for you. Together we will work out your idea by creating a production drawing and producing a prototype. When we have reached the ideal combination, we will start producing in small runs or in big batches. The Yart Factory experts will help guide you through all the stages of the process as well as demonstrate the possibilities. We use innovative and intelligent techniques to help you decide what your product will look like and which operations are needed to achieve that design. Yart factory can edit, produce, assemble and package your product, according to what you need and in line with your wishes.

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